28-Day Face Yoga Marathon

Practice Face Yoga with Snehja Sanganeria, a Certified Face Yoga Specialist, for 28 days and see your skin GLOW naturally and look lifted!


5th February – 3rd March
Every Monday to Friday
9 00pm – 9 30pm IST 

All classes are LIVE for 30 minutes
Recordings of the LIVE classes are shared each day post class for LIFETIME ACCESS

Over 3000+ Happy Students, Join Now

Evening Batch

Monday to Friday | 9.00-9.30pm
4500 2500
30 min Live Classes
Class Recordings Shared
Lifetime Access

The 28-Day Marathon will
help you to achieve...

Toned and Firmer Skin ​

Toned and Firmer Skin

Sculpted Jawline and Reduced Double Chin

Brightened Eyes and Reduced
Dark Circles

Healthy, Radiant and naturally Glowing Skin

Better Posture

Reduced Lines and Wrinkles

Younger Looking Skin

Reduced Face Puffiness

Improved Self Confidence

Reduced Pigmentation on Face and Neck

Reduced Effect
of Stress on Face

Improved Facial Symmetry

Reduced Headaches
and Sinus Problem

Who is this course for?

Over 3000+ Happy Students. JOIN NOW.

Evening Batch

Monday to Friday | 9.00-9.30pm
4500 2500

With Satisfying Results....





What is covered
in the 28-day marathon?


to help tone and strengthen your facial muscle


to aid lymphatic drainage and improve blood flow to your face


to increase oxygen flow to your face and to calm down your mind


to increase the prana or energy in your face and relax facial muscles


to increase the prana or energy in your face and relax facial muscles


to reduce the effects of stress
on your face

and some added




with cold spoons

How to use a

face roller



correctly for maximum benefits



Product Recommendations

Based on Skin Type with some

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Over 3000+ Happy Students. JOIN NOW.

Evening Batch

Monday to Friday | 9.00-9.30pm
4500 2500

Why should you join the marathon?

I am glad that you spend soo much extra time involving the group after the completion of the marathon also. You are not just a teacher who takes money and teache and goes way and beyond. Your keen involvement, love and care means a lot. I really appreciate and admire you. You are really beautiful inside and out 💕💕💕

Thanks so much Snehja, While I have not been very regular in attending live classes, I have still seen visible difference in my dark circles and face sculpting. I never knew Face Prana was so powerful. Your energy, positivity, attitude, fun element – makes me want to recommend you to everyone I know. Keep growing and keep doing well. Thank you for the video recordings – will be very useful.

Some Problem Areas Covered

*Please note these are just some issues that are mentioned, a lot more will be covered in the classes.

Student Testimonials

Over 3000+ Happy Students. JOIN NOW

Evening Batch

Monday to Friday | 9.00-9.30pm
4500 2500

About Your Instructor

Snehja Sanganeria is a certified Face Yoga Specialist practicing for the last 4 years. She has been suffering from rosacea from the last 10 years and has visited multiple dermatologists and taken multiple treatments – antibiotics, treatments, ointment, gels, expensive skincare products – she has done it all only to see the rosacea symptoms worsening the minute she stopped anything for a few days

All this lead to dull and lifeless skin with self confidence going extremely down and dependence on make up to hide her breakouts and marks

She came across Face Yoga on YouTube one day and started practicing but did not see satisfactory results. However, the logic and concept of working on facial muscles resonated and stuck with her and she dug deeper and learnt proper techniques from an instructor.


She practiced them diligently for 2 months, and voila! – the results had started to come and she started getting compliments on her face.

She wanted to spread this knowledge with the world and help thousands of people suffering with skin issues and poor self esteem. She got herself certified from the Danielle Collins Institute of Face Yoga and since then has been on a mission to spread the knowledge of Face Yoga to as many people as possible.

She has accumulated her knowledge and practical experience in this marathon and shares her journey with students with quite a bit of tips and tricks for the skin!


What if I miss a class, will I get the recording?

You will get the recording of each and every class with lifetime access. So you can access it according to your convenience if you miss a class

Do you offer personalized consultation?

I don’t offer personalized classes, however in the marathon, each and every person gets a chance to ask their questions. Everybody’s concerns are addressed in the marathon.

How soon can you see the results?

Everybody’s face is different. Some see exceptional results by the end of the marathon and some see 50% results but visible results are there since the end of week 1

Is it safe for pregnant women?

Yes, it can be done during and after your pregnancy

Are there classes every day including Saturday and Sunday?

Classes are every Monday to Friday for 30 mins. There is no class on weekend.
So you will attend a total of 20 classes in 28 days

I am not in India, how can I make the payment?

Please email us on hello@faceprana.com or WhatsApp us on +91 98364 59771. We will help you for international payments.

Can I pay by gPay or UPI?

Yes you can. There are multiple payment options available.

Can I get a demo class?

We don’t offer demo classes. However you can check our videos on Instagram to get an idea of what we teach.

Can I get a refund?

This is a non-refundable class. If you’re unable to attend due to any circumstance after paying, please inform within the first week. You can then attend any batch for the next 6 months or transfer your seat to a relative/friend.

I have recently gotten a botox/facial/chemical peel. Can I join the marathon?

If 6 months have passed after botox, you can join the class.
If you have done any chemical treatment, give in 2 weeks before starting face yoga.
If you have done a facial treatment, you can start face yoga after 2 days

Join the 28-Day Face Yoga Marathon and Take Charge of your skin today.

Evening Batch

Monday to Friday | 9.00-9.30pm
4500 2500

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