Live Face Yoga Webinar

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Live Face Yoga Webinar

20th April 2024

Have you been wanting to try Face Yoga but just cant find the time in your busy schedule?

Well, here’s your chance to Begin Your Face Yoga Journey

Join me for a LIVE Webinar to understand what Face Yoga is and start your journey!


5th May 2024


3000+ Clients

Transformed over a span of

3+ Years


Webinar Details

5th May 2024

05:00 PM IST

01 Hour 30 mins

Google Meet

INR 299/- only

Problems Covered..

Pigmentation, melasma & dark spots
double chin
Double chin, jawline & necK
Acne scars
Dark circles
Under eye lines & Crows feet
Forehead lines & 11 lines
dry and dull skin
Dry & Dull skin
puffy face
Face puffiness
Mouth wrinkles
Lip lines, pigmentation & dry lips
Nose reshaping
Hooded, Puffy eyes & hollow eyes
Droopy Eyes

Did you know that only 15 mins of face yoga can solve many of your skin issues and lead to a naturally glowing and healthy skin?

Whats Included

in the webinar


Live Face Yoga Workout with Snehja


Understanding the basics of Face Yoga


Understanding benefits of Face Yoga for your skin


Discounted Offers on further face yoga programmes


Answering Doubts and Queries about Face Yoga

real life transformations

some more

client success stories

They believed in Face Yoga and it worked for them! Now its your turn!

Registering for the 28 day face yoga marathon with Snehja was one of the best investments I made towards myself. She teaches all the exercises and tool techniques with so much patience and calm plus she also makes sure that everyone in the group is doing the exercises correctly as well. I could see a glow on my face in the first week itself. Thanks Snehja for introducing face yoga to us 🥰

I am glad that you spend soo much extra time involving the group after the completion of the marathon also. You are not just a teacher who takes money and teache and goes way and beyond. Your keen involvement, love and care means a lot. I really appreciate and admire you. You are really beautiful inside and out 💕💕💕

Thanks so much Snehja, While I have not been very regular in attending live classes, I have still seen visible difference in my dark circles and face sculpting. I never knew Face Prana was so powerful. Your energy, positivity, attitude, fun element – makes me want to recommend you to everyone I know. Keep growing and keep doing well. Thank you for the video recordings – will be very useful.

Thnks. So so much Sneh fr guiding us. Really really well taught. Patiently. Warm voice. Enjoyed every session. People have noticed a diff in my skin and jaw line. Thnks so much. God Bless . And a fantastic group. God Bless u all!! Love and Light to u and all

About Me

About Your Instructor

Snehja Sanganeria is a certified Face Yoga Specialist practicing for the last 4 years. She has been suffering from rosacea from the last 10 years and has visited multiple dermatologists and taken multiple treatments – antibiotics, treatments, ointment, gels, expensive skincare products – she has done it all only to see the rosacea symptoms worsening the minute she stopped anything for a few days.

All this lead to dull and lifeless skin with self confidence going extremely down and dependence on make up to hide her breakouts and marks.

She came across Face Yoga on YouTube one day and started practicing but did not see satisfactory results. However, the logic and concept of working on facial muscles resonated and stuck with her and she dug deeper and learnt proper techniques from an instructor.

She practiced them diligently for 2 months, and voila! – the results had started to come and she started getting compliments on her face.

She wanted to spread this knowledge with the world and help thousands of people suffering with skin issues and poor self esteem. She got herself certified from the Danielle Collins Institute of Face Yoga and since then has been on a mission to spread the knowledge of Face Yoga to as many people as possible.

She has accumulated her knowledge and practical experience in this marathon and shares her journey with students with quite a bit of tips and tricks for the skin!





Date is April 5th May .

The actual price is 999 INR but but currently we are offering it at a discounted price of 299 INR

The webinar will start at 5:00 PM IST but make sure you join atleast 15 minutes before the start time !

Yes, the recordings will be provided just after the webinar and will be accessible for 24 hours.

International Participants will be provided a recording for the webinar to watch!

After making the payment you will be sent to a thankyou page from where you can join the whatsapp group!

Yes we have a proper QNA session as a part of the webinar

Face yoga addresses so many different skin issues , which we have mentioned in the page above , it is always recommended to try face yoga and see the results for yourself.

You will be shared the details of the face yoga program in the webinar!

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INR 999

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